The 2nd Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 12th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing

Long Papers

BeamR: Beam Reweighing with Attribute Discriminators for Controllable Text Generation

David Landsman, Jerry Zikun Chen and Hussain Zaidi

Improving Textual Adversarial Attacks using Metric-Guided Rewrite and Rollback

Lei Xu, Alfredo Cuesta-Infante, Laure Berti-Equille and Kalyan Veeramachaneni

A Simple yet Effective Learnable Positional Encoding Method for Improving Document Transformer Model

Guoxin Wang, Yijuan Lu, Lei Cui, Tengchao Lv, Dinei Florencio and Cha Zhang

M^3: An Emotion and Novelty-aware Approach for Multilingual Multimodal Misinformation Detection

Vipin Gupta, Rina Kumari, Nischal Ashok, Tirthankar Ghosal and Asif Ekbal

Adversarial Sample Generation for Aspect based Sentiment Classification

Mamta . and Asif Ekbal

Identifying Weaknesses in Machine Translation Metrics Through Minimum Bayes Risk Decoding: A Case Study for COMET

Chantal Amrhein and Rico Sennrich

Higher-Order Dependency Parsing for Arc-Polynomial Score Functions via Gradient-Based Methods and Genetic Algorithm

xudong zhang, Joseph Le Roux and Thierry Charnois

Characterizing and addressing the issue of oversmoothing in neural autoregressive sequence modeling

Ilia Kulikov, Maksim Eremeev and Kyunghyun Cho

Whodunit? Learning to Contrast for Authorship Attribution

Bo Ai, Yuchen Wang, Yugin Tan and Samson Tan

Underspecification in Scene Description-to-Depiction Tasks

Ben Hutchinson, Jason Baldridge and Vinodkumar Prabhakaran

COFAR: Commonsense and Factual Reasoning in Image Search

Prajwal Gatti, Abhirama Subramanyam Penamakuri, Anand Mishra, Revant Teotia, Shubhashis Sengupta and Roshni Ramnani

Efficient Entity Embedding Construction from Type Knowledge for BERT

Yukun Feng, Amir Fayazi, Abhinav Rastogi and Manabu Okumura

Spa: On the Sparsity of Virtual Adversarial Training for Dependency Parsing

Chao Lou, Wenjuan Han and Kewei Tu

LEATHER: A Framework for Learning to Generate Human-like Text in Dialogue

Anthony Sicilia and Malihe Alikhani

Conceptual Similarity for Subjective Tags

Yacine Gaci, Boualem Benatallah, Fabio Casati and Khalid Benabdeslem

Does Representational Fairness Imply Empirical Fairness?

Aili Shen, Xudong Han, Trevor Cohn, Timothy Baldwin and Lea Frermann

SEHY: A Simple yet Effective Hybrid model for Summarization of Long Scientific Documents

Zhihua Jiang, Junzhan Yang and Dongning Rao

PLATO-XL: Exploring the Large-scale Pre-training of Dialogue Generation

Siqi Bao, Huang He, Fan Wang, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang, Wenquan Wu, Zhihua Wu, Zhen Guo, Hua Lu, Xinxian Huang, Xin Tian, Xinchao Xu, Yingzhan Lin and Zheng-Yu Niu

A Hybrid Architecture for Labelling Bilingual Māori-English Tweets

David Trye, Vithya Yogarajan, Jemma König, Keegan Te Taka, David Bainbridge and Mark Apperley

BloSum: Block Diagram Summarization by Extracting Contextual Information

Shreyanshu Bhushan and Minho Lee

TaKG: A New Dataset for Paragraph-level Table-to-Text Generation Enhanced with Knowledge Graphs

Qianqian Qi, Zhenyun Deng, Yonghua Zhu, Lia Jisoo Lee, Michael J. Witbrock and Jiamou Liu

Modeling Referential Gaze in Task-oriented Settings of Varying Referential Complexity

Özge Alacam, Eugen Ruppert, Sina Zarrieß, Ganeshan Malhotra, Chris Biemann and Sina Zarrieß

A Copy Mechanism for Handling Out-of-Vocabulary Elements in SPARQL Neural Machine Translation

Rose Hirigoyen, Amal Zouaq and Samuel Reyd

On Measurements of Bias, Harms, and Fairness in NLP

Sunipa Dev, Emily Sheng, Jieyu Zhao, Aubrie Amstutz, Jiao Sun, Yu Hou, Mattie Sanseverino, Jiin Kim, Akihiro Nishi, Nanyun Peng and Kai-Wei Chang

Multilingual CheckList: Generation and Evaluation

Karthikeyan K, Shaily Bhatt, Pankaj Singh, Somak Aditya, Sandipan Dandapat, Sunayana Sitaram and Monojit Choudhury

Part Represents Whole: Improve the Evaluation of Machine Translation System Using Entropy Enhanced Metrics

Yilun Liu, shimin tao, Chang Su, Min Zhang, Yanqing Zhao and Hao Yang

Memformer: A Memory-Augmented Transformer for Sequence Modeling

Qingyang Wu, Zhenzhong Lan, Kun Qian, Jing Gu, Alborz Geramifard and Zhou Yu

HERB: Measuring Hierarchical Regional Bias in Pre-trained Language Models

Yizhi Li, Ge Zhang, Bohao Yang, Chenghua Lin, Anton Ragni, Shi Wang and Jie Fu

Multilingual Auxiliary Tasks Training: Bridging the Gap between Languages for Zero-Shot Transfer of Hate Speech Detection Models

Syrielle Montariol, Arij riabi and Djamé Seddah

Chop and Change: Anaphora Resolution in Instructional Cooking Videos

Cennet Oguz, Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova, Emmanuel Vincent, Pascal Denis and Josef van Genabith

"#DisabledOnIndianTwitter" : A Dataset towards Understanding the Expression of People with Disabilities on Indian Twitter

Ishani Mondal, Sukhnidh Kaur, Kalika Bali, ‪Aditya Vashistha and Manohar Swaminathan

Topic-aware Multimodal Summarization

Sourajit Mukherjee, Anubhav Jangra, Sriparna Saha and Adam Jatowt

On the Perceptibility of Differences in Stance Bias in Argumentation

Alonso Palomino, Khalid Al Khatib, Martin Potthast and Benno Stein

Double Trouble: How to not explain a text classifier's decisions using counterfactuals synthesized by masked language models?

Thang Minh Pham, Trung Bui, Long Mai and Anh Nguyen

An Empirical Study on Cross-X Transfer for Legal Judgment Prediction

Joel Niklaus, Matthias Stürmer and Ilias Chalkidis

Examining the Effectiveness of Debiasing Methods under Different Data Conditions

Xudong Han, Aili Shen, Trevor Cohn, Timothy Baldwin and Lea Frermann

An Embarrassingly Simple Approach for Intellectual Property Rights Protection on Recurrent Neural Networks

Zhi Qin Tan, Hao Shan Wong and Chee Seng Chan

Grammatical Error Correction Systems for Automated Assessment: Are They Susceptible to Universal Adversarial Attacks?

Vyas Raina, Yiting Lu and Mark Gales

This Patient Looks Like That Patient: Prototypical Networks for Interpretable Diagnosis Prediction from Clinical Text

Betty van Aken, Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Marcel G. Naik, Georgios Eleftheriadis, Wolfgang Nejdl, Felix Alexander Gers and Alexander Loeser

Cross-lingual Similarity of Multilingual Representations Revisited

Maksym Del and Mark Fishel

Neural Text Sanitization with Explicit Measures of Privacy Risk

Anthi Papadopoulou, Yunhao Yu, Pierre Lison and Lilja Øvrelid

CrowdChecked: Detecting Previously Fact-Checked Claims in Social Media

Momchil Hardalov, Anton Chernyavskiy, Ivan Koychev, Dmitry Ilvovsky and Preslav Nakov

Named Entity Recognition in Twitter: A Dataset and Analysis on Short-Term Temporal Shifts

Asahi Ushio, Francesco Barbieri, Vitor Silva Sousa, Leonardo Neves and Jose Camacho-Collados

Cross-Lingual Open-Domain Question Answering with Answer Sentence Generation

Benjamin Muller, Luca Soldaini, Rik Koncel-Kedziorski, Eric R. Lind and Alessandro Moschitti

Discourse Parsing Enhanced by Discourse Dependence Perception

Yuqing Xing, Longyin Zhang, Fang Kong and Guodong Zhou

AugCSE: Contrastive Sentence Embedding with Diverse Augmentations

Zilu Tang, Muhammed Yusuf Kocyigit and Derry Tanti Wijaya

Dual-Encoder Transformers with Cross-modal Alignment for Multimodal Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

Zhewen Yu, Jin Wang, Liang-Chih Yu and Xuejie Zhang

Phylogeny-Inspired Adaptation of Multilingual Models to New Languages

Fahim Faisal and Antonios Anastasopoulos

Transferring Knowledge via Neighborhood-aware Optimal Transport for Low-resource Hate Speech Detection

Tulika Bose, Irina Illina and Dominique Fohr

Bag-of-Vectors Autoencoders for Unsupervised Conditional Text Generation

Florian Mai and James Henderson

SummVD : An efficient approach for unsupervised topic-based summarization

Gabriel Shenouda, Aurélien Bossard, Oussama Ayoub and Christophe Rodrigues

VLStereoSet: A Study of Stereotypical Bias in Pre-trained Vision-Language Models

Kankan Zhou, Eason Lai and Jing Jiang

Affective Retrofitted Word Embeddings

Sapan Shah, Sreedhar Reddy and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

SAPGraph: Structure-aware Extractive Summarization for Scientific Papers with Heterogeneous Graph

Siya Qi, Lei Li, Yiyang Li, Jin Jiang, Dingxin Hu, Yuze Li, Yingqi Zhu, Yanquan Zhou, Marina Litvak and Natalia Vanetik

Multimodal Generation of Radiology Reports using Knowledge-Grounded Extraction of Entities and Relations

Francesco Dalla Serra, William Clackett, Hamish MacKinnon, Chaoyang Wang, Fani Deligianni, Jeff Dalton and Alison Q. O'Neil

SBERT studies Meaning Representations: Decomposing Sentence Embeddings into Explainable AMR Meaning Features

Juri Opitz and Anette Frank

Contrastive Video-Language Learning with Fine-grained Frame Sampling

Zixu Wang, Yujie Zhong, Yishu Miao, Lin Ma and Lucia Specia

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Sparse Retrieval by Filling Vocabulary and Word Frequency Gaps

Hiroki Iida and Naoaki Okazaki

KESA: A Knowledge Enhanced Approach To Sentiment Analysis

Qinghua Zhao, Shuai Ma and Shuo Ren

Some Languages are More Equal than Others: Probing Deeper into the Linguistic Disparity in the NLP World

Surangika Ranathunga and Nisansa de Silva

Neural Readability Pairwise Ranking for Sentences in Italian Administrative Language

Martina Miliani, Serena Auriemma, Fernando Alva-Manchego and Alessandro Lenci

Delivering Fairness in Human Resources AI: Mutual Information to the Rescue

leo hemamou and William Coleman

Not another Negation Benchmark: The NaN-NLI Test Suite for Sub-clausal Negation

Thinh Hung Truong, Yulia Otmakhova, Timothy Baldwin, Trevor Cohn, Jey Han Lau and Karin Verspoor

HaRiM+: Evaluating Summary Quality with Hallucination Risk

Seonil (Simon) Son, Junsoo Park, Jeong-in Hwang, Junghwa Lee, Hyungjong Noh and Yeonsoo Lee

The lack of theory is painful: Modeling Sharpness in Peer-Review Comments

Rajeev Verma, Rajarshi Roychoudhury and Tirthankar Ghosal

Dual Mechanism Priming Effects in Hindi Word Order

Sidharth Ranjan, Marten van Schijndel, Sumeet Agarwal and Rajakrishnan Rajkumar

Meta-Learning based Deferred Optimisation for Sentiment and Emotion aware Multi-modal Dialogue Act Classification

Tulika Saha, Aditya Prakash Patra, Sriparna Saha and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Fine-grained Contrastive Learning for Definition Generation

Hengyuan Zhang, Dawei Li, Shiping Yang and Yanran Li

Hengam: An Adversarially Trained Transformer for Persian Temporal Tagging

Sajad Mirzababaei, Amir Hossein Kargaran, Hinrich Schütze and Ehsaneddin Asgari

What's Different between Visual Question Answering for Machine "Understanding” Versus for Accessibility?

Yang Trista Cao, Kyle Seelman, Kyungjun Lee and Hal Daumé III

Persona or Context? Towards Building Context adaptive Personalized Persuasive Virtual Sales Assistant

Abhisek Tiwari, Sriparna Saha, Shubhashis Sengupta, Anutosh Maitra, Roshni Ramnani and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Dead or Murdered? Predicting Responsibility Perception in Femicide News Reports

Gosse Minnema, Sara Gemelli, Chiara Zanchi, Tommaso Caselli and Malvina Nissim

Learning with Data Sampling Biases for Natural Language Understanding

Manoj Kumar, Anna Rumshisky and Rahul Gupta

CNN for Modeling Sanskrit Originated Bengali and Hindi Language

Chowdhury Rahman, MD. Hasibur Rahman, Mohammad Rafsan, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Samiha Zakir and Rafsanjani Muhammod

Leveraging Key Information Modeling to Improve Less-Data Constrained News Headline Generation via Duality Fine-Tuning

Zhuoxuan Jiang, Lingfeng Qiao, di yin, Shanshan Feng and Bo Ren

Graph-augmented Learning to Rank for Querying Large-scale Knowledge Graph

Hanning Gao, Lingfei Wu, Po Hu, Zhihua Wei, Fangli Xu and Bo Long

WAX: A New Dataset for Word Association eXplanations

Chunhua Liu, Trevor Cohn, Simon De Deyne and Lea Frermann

Missing Modality meets Meta Sampling (M3S): An Efficient Universal Approach for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis with Missing Modality

Haozhe Chi, Minghua Yang, Junhao Zhu, Guanhong Wang and Gaoang Wang

SPARQL-to-Text Question Generation for Knowledge-Based Conversational Applications

Gwénolé Lecorvé, Morgan Veyret, Quentin Brabant and Lina M. Rojas Barahona

S+PAGE: A Speaker and Position-Aware Graph Neural Network Model for Emotion Recognition in Conversation


Arabic Dialect Identification with a Few Labeled Examples Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Mahmoud Yusuf, Marwan Torki and Nagwa El-Makky

Semantic Shift Stability: Efficient Way to Detect Performance Degradation of Word Embeddings and Pre-trained Language Models

Shotaro Ishihara, Hiromu Takahashi and Hono Shirai

AGRank: Augmented Graph-based Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction

Haoran Ding and Xiao Luo

Towards Integrating Knowledge Graph and Expert Rules for Machine Learning and Reasoning

Zhepei Wei, Yue Wang, Jinnan Li, Zhining Liu, Erxin Yu, Yuan Tian, Xin Wang and Yi Chang

Who did what to Whom? Language models and humans respond diversely to features affecting argument hierarchy construction

Xiaonan Xu and Haoshuo Chen

Hate Speech and Offensive Language Detection in Bengali

Mithun Das, Somnath Banerjee, Punyajoy Saha and Animesh Mukherjee

Learning Interpretable Latent Dialogue Actions With Less Supervision

Vojtěch Hudeček and Ondřej Dušek

PInKS: Preconditioned Commonsense Inference with Minimal Supervision

Ehsan Qasemi, Piyush Khanna, Qiang Ning and Muhao Chen

Prediction of People's Emotional Response towards Multi-modal News

Ge Gao, Sejin Paik, Carley Reardon, Yanling Zhao, Lei Guo, Prakash Ishwar, Margrit Betke and Derry Tanti Wijaya

Seamlessly Integrating Factual Information and Social Content with Persuasive Dialogue

Maximillian Chen, Weiyan Shi, Feifan Yan, Ryan Hou, Jingwen Zhang, Saurav Sahay and Zhou Yu

AVAST: Attentive Variational State Tracker in a Reinforced Navigator

Je-Wei Jang, Mahdin Rohmatillah and Jen-Tzung Chien

RecInDial: A Unified Framework for Recommendation in Dialogues with Pretrained Language Models

Lingzhi Wang, Huang Hu, Lei Sha, Can Xu, Daxin Jiang and Kam-Fai Wong

Director: Generator-Classifiers For Supervised Language Modeling

Kushal Arora, Kurt Shuster, Sainbayar Sukhbaatar and Jason Weston

Dynamic Context Extraction for Citation Classification

Suchetha Nambanoor Kunnath, David Pride and Petr Knoth

Is Encoder-Decoder Redundant for Neural Machine Translation?

Yingbo Gao, Christian Herold, Zijian Yang and Hermann Ney

Towards Implicit References in Dialog

Lindsey Vanderlyn, Talita Anthonio, Daniel Ortega, Michael Roth and Ngoc Thang Vu

A Decade of Knowledge Graphs in Natural Language Processing: A Survey

Phillip Schneider, Tim Schopf, Juraj Vladika, Mikhail Galkin, Elena Simperl and Florian Matthes

The Lifecycle of "Facts": On Social Biases in Knowledge Graphs

Angelie Kraft and Ricardo Usbeck

Food Knowledge Representation Learning with Adversarial Substitution

Diya Li and Mohammed J Zaki

Construction Repetition Reduces Information Rate in Dialogue

Mario Giulianelli, Arabella J. Sinclair and Raquel Fernandez

Analogy-Guided Evolutionary Pretraining of Binary Word Embeddings

R. Alexander Knipper, Md. Mahadi Hassan, Mehdi Sadi and Shubhra Kanti Karmaker

Enhancing Tabular Reasoning with Pattern Exploiting Training

Abhilash Reddy Shankarampeta, Vivek Gupta and Shuo Zhang

Re-contextualizing Fairness in NLP: The Case of India

Shaily Bhatt, Sunipa Dev, Partha Talukdar, Shachi Dave and Vinodkumar Prabhakaran

Low-Resource Multilingual and Zero-Shot Multispeaker TTS

Florian Lux, Julia Koch and Ngoc Thang Vu

Cross-lingual Few-Shot Learning on Unseen Languages

Genta Winata, Shijie Wu, Mayank Kulkarni, Thamar Solorio and Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro

Domain-aware Self-supervised Pre-training for Label-Efficient Meme Analysis

Shivam Sharma, Mohd Khizir Siddiqui, Md. Shad Akhtar and Tanmoy Chakraborty

A Prompt Array Keeps the Bias Away: Debiasing Vision-Language Models with Adversarial Learning

Hugo Berg, Siobhan Hall, Yash Bhalgat, Hannah Kirk, Aleksandar Shtedritski and Max Bain

Unsupervised Single Document Abstractive Summarization using Semantic Units

Jhen-Yi Wu, Ying-Jia Lin and Hung-Yu Kao

Detecting Incongruent News Articles Using Multi-head Attention Dual Summarization

Sujit Kumar, Gaurav Kumar and Sanasam Ranbir Singh

Enhancing Financial Table and Text Question Answering with Tabular Graph and Numerical Reasoning

Rungsiman Nararatwong, Natthawut Kertkeidkachorn and Ryutaro Ichise

Legal Case Document Summarization: Extractive and Abstractive Methods and their Evaluation

Abhay Shukla, Paheli Bhattacharya, Soham Poddar, Rajdeep Mukherjee, Kripabandhu Ghosh, Pawan Goyal and Saptarshi Ghosh

FPC: Fine-tuning with Prompt Curriculum for Relation Extraction

Sicheng Yang and Dandan Song

PESE: Event Structure Extraction using Pointer Network based Encoder-Decoder Architecture

Alapan Kuila and Sudeshna Sarkar

How do we get there? Evaluating transformer neural networks as cognitive models for English past tense inflection

Xiaomeng Ma and Lingyu Gao

Short papers

How Well Do Multi-hop Reading Comprehension Models Understand Date Information?

Xanh Ho, Saku Sugawara and Akiko Aizawa

Dodging the Data Bottleneck: Automatic Subtitling with Automatically Segmented ST Corpora

Sara Papi, Alina Karakanta, Matteo Negri and Marco Turchi

MorisienMT: A Dataset for Mauritian Creole Machine Translation

Raj Dabre and Aneerav Sukhoo

TaskMix: Data Augmentation for Meta-Learning of Spoken Intent Understanding

Surya Kant Sahu

Understanding the Use of Quantifiers in Mandarin

Guanyi Chen and Kees van Deemter

Meta-Learning Adaptive Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Biomedical Natural Language Processing

Abiola Obamuyide and Blair Johnston

The Effects of Surprisal across Languages: Results from Native and Non-native Reading

Andrea de Varda and Marco Marelli

Assessing How Users Display Self-Disclosure and Authenticity in Conversation with Human-Like Agents: A Case Study of Luda Lee

Won Ik Cho, Soomin Kim, Eujeong Choi and Younghoon Jeong

Multi-Domain Dialogue State Tracking By Neural-Retrieval Augmentation

Lohith Ravuru, Seonghan Ryu, Hyungtak Choi, Haehun Yang and Hyeonmok Ko

Revisiting Checkpoint Averaging for Neural Machine Translation

Yingbo Gao, Christian Herold, Zijian Yang and Hermann Ney

Automating Interlingual Homograph Recognition wtih Parallel Sentences

Yi Han, Ryohei Sasano and Koichi Takeda

A Croatian Comment Moderation Dataset with Ambiguity, and Global and Local Context

Ravi Shekhar, Mladen Karan and Matthew Purver

SDTAL: A Multilingual Multiway Evaluation Data Set for Structured Document Translation of Asian Languages

Bianka Buschbeck, Raj Dabre, Miriam Exel, Matthias Huck, Patrick Huy, Raphael Rubino and Hideki Tanaka

Logographic Information Aids Learning Better Representations for Natural Language Inference

Zijian Jin and Duygu Ataman

Cross-domain Analysis on Japanese Legal Pretrained Language Models

Keisuke Miyazaki, Hiroaki Yamada and Takenobu Tokunaga

Open-Domain Conversational Question Answering with Historical Answers

Hung-Chieh Fang, Kuo-Han Hung, Chen-Wei Huang and Yun-Nung Chen

Robustness Evaluation of Text Classification Models Using Mathematical Optimization and Its Application to Adversarial Training

Hikaru Tomonari, Masaaki Nishino and Akihiro Yamamoto

ArgGen: Prompting Text Generation Models for Document-Level Event-Argument Aggregation

Debanjana Kar, Sudeshna Sarkar and Pawan Goyal

Hierarchical Processing of Visual and Language Information in the Brain

Haruka Kawasaki, Satoshi Nishida and Ichiro Kobayashi

Benchmarking the Covariate Shift Robustness of Open-world Intent Classification Approaches

Sopan Khosla and Rashmi Gangadharaiah

Towards Modeling Role-Aware Centrality for Dialogue Summarization

Xinnian Liang, Chao Bian, Shuangzhi Wu and Zhoujun Li

Robust Hate Speech Detection via Mitigating Spurious Correlations

Kshitiz Tiwari, Shuhan Yuan and Lu Zhang

FAD-X: Fusing Adapters for Cross-lingual Transfer to Low-Resource Languages

Jaeseong Lee, Seung-won Hwang and Taesup Kim

Combining Argumentation Structure and Language Model for Generating Natural Argumentative Dialogue

Koh Mitsuda, Ryuichiro Higashinaka and Kuniko Saito

Every word counts: A multilingual analysis of individual human alignment with model attention

Stephanie Brandl and Nora Hollenstein

Parsing linearizations appreciate PoS tags - but some are fussy about errors

Alberto Muñoz-Ortiz, Mark Anderson, David Vilares and Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

Exploring Universal Sentence Encoders for Zero-shot Text Classification

Souvika Sarkar, Dongji Feng and Shubhra Kanti Karmaker

An Improved Baseline for Sentence-level Relation Extraction

Wenxuan Zhou and Muhao Chen

Adversarially Improving NMT Robustness to ASR Errors with Confusion Sets

Shuaibo Wang, Yufeng Chen, Songming Zhang, Deyi Xiong and Jinan Xu

Seeking Diverse Reasoning Logic: Controlled Equation Expression Generation for Solving Math Word Problems

Yibin Shen, Qianying Liu, Zhuoyuan Mao, Zhen Wan, Fei Cheng and Sadao Kurohashi

BanglaParaphrase: A High-Quality Bangla Paraphrase Dataset

Ajwad Akil, Najrin Sultana, Abhik Bhattacharjee and Rifat Shahriyar

Transformer-based Localization from Embodied Dialog with Large-scale Pre-training

Meera Hahn and James M. Rehg

CSS: Combining Self-training and Self-supervised Learning for Few-shot Dialogue State Tracking

Haoning Zhang, Junwei Bao, Haipeng Sun, Huaishao Luo, Wenye Li and Shuguang Cui

Self-Repetition in Abstractive Neural Summarizers

Nikita Salkar, Thomas Trikalinos, Byron Wallace and Ani Nenkova

Domain Specific Sub-network for Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation

Amr Hendy, Mohamed Abdelghaffar, Mohamed Afify and Ahmed Y. Tawfik

GCDT: A Chinese RST Treebank for Multigenre and Multilingual Discourse Parsing

Siyao Peng, Yang Janet Liu and Amir Zeldes

Controllable Text Simplification with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Daiki Yanamoto, Tomoki Ikawa, Tomoyuki Kajiwara, Takashi Ninomiya, Satoru Uchida and Yuki Arase

Vector Space Interpolation for Query Expansion

Deepanway Ghosal, Somak Aditya, Sandipan Dandapat and Monojit Choudhury

CoFE: A New Dataset of Intra-Multilingual Multi-target Stance Classification from an Online European Participatory Democracy Platform

Valentin Barriere, Guillaume Guillaume Jacquet and Leo Hemamou

Automatic Readability Assessment: Can Linguistic Features Promote Pre-trained Language Models

Shudi Hou, Simin Rao, Yu Xia and Sujian Li

Plug and Play Knowledge Distillation for kNN-LM with External Logits

Xuyang Jin, Tao Ge and Furu Wei

Transfer Learning for Humor Detection by Twin Masked Yellow Muppets

Aseem Arora, Gaël Dias, Adam Jatowt and Asif Ekbal

A Unified Model for Reverse Dictionary and Definition Modelling

Pinzhen Chen and Zheng Zhao

Number Theory Meets Linguistics: Modelling Noun Morphology Across 1497 Languages Using 2-adic Metrics

Gregory Baker and Diego Molla

CLIP4IDC: CLIP for Image Difference Captioning

Zixin Guo, Tzu-Jui Wang and Jorma Laaksonen

Analyzing Biases to Spurious Correlations in Text Classification Tasks

Adian Liusie, Vatsal Raina, Vyas Raina and Mark Gales

BERTSeg: BERT Based Unsupervised Subword Segmentation for Neural Machine Translation

Haiyue Song, Raj Dabre, Zhuoyuan Mao, Chenhui Chu and Sadao Kurohashi

NERDz: A Preliminary Dataset of Named Entities for Algerian

Samia Touileb

An Effective Post-training Embedding Binarization Approach for Fast Online Top-K Passage Matching

Yankai Chen, Yifei Zhang, Huifeng Guo, Ruiming Tang and Irwin King

Addressing Segmentation Ambiguity in Neural Linguistic Steganography

Jumon Nozaki and Yugo Murawaki

EmoNoBa: A Dataset for Analyzing Fine-Grained Emotions on Noisy Bangla Texts

Khondoker Ittehadul Islam, Tanvir Hossain Yuvraz, Md Saiful Islam and Enamul Hassan

The Effects of Language Token Prefixing for Multilingual Machine Translation

Rachel Wicks and Kevin Duh

How Relevant is Selective Memory Population in Lifelong Language Learning?

Vladimir Araujo, Helena Balabin, Julio Hurtado, Alvaro Soto and Marie-Francine Moens

Multi-Type Conversational Question-Answer Generation with Closed-ended and Unanswerable Questions

Seonjeong Hwang, Yunsu Kim and Gary Geunbae Lee

Improving Chinese Story Generation via Awareness of Syntactic Dependencies and Semantics

Henglin Huang, Chen Tang, Tyler Loakman, Frank Guerin and Chenghua Lin

NGEP: A Graph-based Event Planning Framework for Story Generation

Chen Tang, Zhihao Zhang, Tyler Loakman, Chenghua Lin and Frank Guerin

A Simple Yet Effective Hybrid Pre-trained Language Model for Unsupervised Sentence Acceptability Prediction

Yang Zhao and Issei Yoshida

Post-Training with Interrogative Sentences for Enhancing BART-based Korean Question Generator

Gyu-Min Park, Seong-Eun Hong and Seong-Bae Park

Do ever larger octopi still amplify reporting biases? Evidence from judgments of typical colour

Fangyu Liu, Julian Martin Eisenschlos, Jeremy R. Cole and Nigel Collier

Improving Graph-Based Text Representations with Character and Word Level N-grams

Wenzhe Li and Nikolaos Aletras

Risk-graded Safety for Handling Medical Queries in Conversational AI

Gavin Abercrombie and Verena Rieser

Performance-Efficiency Trade-Offs in Adapting Language Models to Text Classification Tasks

Laura Aina, Nikos Voskarides and Roi Blanco

NepBERTa: Nepali Language Model Trained in a Large Corpus

Sulav Timilsina, Milan Gautam and Binod Bhattarai

Local Structure Matters Most in Most Languages

Louis Clouatre, Prasanna Parthasarathi, Amal Zouaq and Sarath Chandar

Demographic-Aware Language Model Fine-tuning as a Bias Mitigation Technique

Aparna Garimella, Rada Mihalcea and Akhash Amarnath

Towards Simple and Efficient Task-Adaptive Pre-training for Text Classification

Arnav Ladkat, Aamir Miyajiwala, Samiksha Jagadale, Rekha A. Kulkarni and Raviraj Joshi

Extractive Entity-Centric Summarization as Sentence Selection using Bi-Encoders

Ella Hofmann-Coyle, Mayank Kulkarni, Lingjue Xie, Mounica Maddela and Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro

Towards Unsupervised Morphological Analysis of Polysynthetic Languages

Sujay Khandagale, Yoann Léveillé, Samuel Miller, Derek Pham, Ramy Eskander, Cass Lowry, Richard Compton, Judith Klavans, Maria Polinsky and Smaranda Muresan

Modeling Document-level Temporal Structures for Building Temporal Dependency Graph

Prafulla Kumar Choubey and Ruihong Huang

Pre-Trained Sentence-BERT does not represent Class Embeddings in Active Learning for Multi-Label Text Classification

Lukas Wertz, Jasmina Bogojeska, Katsiaryna Mirylenka and Jonas Kuhn

MiQA: A Benchmark for Inference on Metaphorical Questions

Iulia Maria Comșa, Julian Martin Eisenschlos and Srini Narayanan

Assessing Combinational Generalization of Language Models in Biased Scenarios

Yanbo Fang, Zuohui Fu, Xin Dong, Yongfeng Zhang and Gerard de Melo

SchAman: Spell-Checking Resources and Benchmark for Endangered Languages from Amazonia

Arturo Oncevay, Gerardo Cardoso, Carlo Alva, César Lara Ávila, Jovita Vásquez Balarezo, Saúl Escobar Rodríguez, Delio Siticonatzi Camaiteri, Esaú Zumaeta Rojas, Didier López Francis, Juan López Bautista, Nimia Acho Rios, Remigio Zapata Cesareo, Héctor Erasmo Gómez Montoya and Roberto Zariquiey

Exploring the Effects of Negation and Grammatical Tense on Bias Probes

Samia Touileb

An Empirical Study of Pipeline vs. Joint approaches to Entity and Relation Extraction

Zhaohui Yan, Zixia Jia and Kewei Tu

CLASP: Few-Shot Cross-Lingual Data Augmentation for Semantic Parsing

Andy Rosenbaum, Saleh Soltan, Wael Hamza, Marco Damonte, Isabel Groves and Amir Saffari

How to tackle an emerging topic? Combining strong and weak labels for Covid news NER

Aleksander Ficek, Fangyu Liu and Nigel Collier

Best papers

Dead or Murdered? Predicting Responsibility Perception in Femicide News Reports

Gosse Minnema, Sara Gemelli, Chiara Zanchi, Tommaso Caselli and Malvina Nissim

What's Different between Visual Question Answering for Machine "Understanding” Versus for Accessibility?

Yang Trista Cao, Kyle Seelman, Kyungjun Lee and Hal Daumé III

Not another Negation Benchmark: The NaN-NLI Test Suite for Sub-clausal Negation

Thinh Hung Truong, Yulia Otmakhova, Timothy Baldwin, Trevor Cohn, Jey Han Lau and Karin Verspoor