The 2nd Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 12th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing

November 20-23, 2022

Online only

Student Research Workshops (SRW)


Time (Taipei Time)



Oral Session

Sun 15:00-15:20

Emotional Intensity Estimation based on Writer's Personality

Haruya Suzuki, Sora Tarumoto, Tomoyuki Kajiwara, Takashi Ninomiya, Yuta Nakashima, Hajime Nagahara

Oral Session

Sun 15:20-15:40

Bipartite-play Dialogue Collection for Practical Automatic Evaluation of Dialogue Systems

Shiki Sato, Yosuke Kishinami, Hiroaki Sugiyama, Reina Akama, Ryoko Tokuhisa, Jun Suzuki

Oral Session

Sun 15:40-16:00

Toward Building a Language Model for Understanding Temporal Commonsense

Mayuko Kimura, Lis Kanashiro Pereira, Ichiro Kobayashi

Oral Session

Sun 16:00-16:20

Caption Generation Reflecting the Intent of the Explainer by Tracing on an Image

Sayako Watanabe and Ichiro Kobayashi

Oral Session

Sun 16:40-17:00

Tracing and Manipulating Intermediate Results in Neural Math Problem Solvers

Yuta Matsumoto, Benjamin Heinzerling, Masashi Yoshikawa and Kentaro Inui

Oral Session

Sun 17:00-17:20

Optimal Summaries for Enabling a Smooth Handover in Chat-Oriented Dialogue

Sanae Yamashita and Ryuichiro Higashinaka

Oral Session

Sun 17:20-17:40

MUTE: A Multimodal Dataset for Detecting Hateful Memes

Eftekhar Hossain, Omar Sharif, Mohammed Moshiul Hoque

Oral Session

Sun 17:40-18:00

Empirical Investigation of Neural Symbolic Reasoning Strategies

Yoichi Aoki, Keito Kudo, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Ana Brassard, Masashi Yoshikawa, Keisuke Sakaguchi and Kentaro Inui

Oral Session

Sun 18:00-18:20

A Simple and Fast Strategy for Handling Rare Words in Neural Machine Translation

Nguyen-Hoang Minh-Cong, Vinh Ngo, Van Nguyen

Oral Session

Sun 18:20-18:40

{C3PO}: {A} Lightweight Copying Mechanism for Translating Pseudocode to Code

Vishruth Veerendranath, Vibha Masti, Prajwal Anagani, Mamatha HR

Oral Session

Sun 19:40-20:00

Outlier-Aware Training for Improving Group Accuracy Disparities

Li-Kuang Chen, Canasai Kruengkrai, Junichi Yamagishi

Oral Session

Sun 20:00-20:20

An Empirical Study on Topic Preservation in Multi-Document Summarization

Mong Yuan Sim, Wei Emma Zhang, Congbo Ma

Oral Session

Sun 20:20-20:40

Detecting Urgency in Multilingual Medical SMS in Kenya

Narshion Ngao, Zeyu Wang, Lawrence Nderu, Tobias Mwalili, Tal August, Keshet Ronen

Oral Session

Sun 20:40-21:00

Language over Labels: Contrastive Language Supervision Exceeds Purely Label-Supervised Classification Performance on Chest X-Rays

Anton Wiehe, Florian Schneider, Sebastian Blank, Xintong Wang, Hans-Peter Zorn, Christian Biemann

Oral Session

Sun 21:00-21:20

Dynamic Topic Modeling by Clustering Embeddings from Pretrained Language Models: A Research Proposal

Anton Eklund, Mona Forsman, Frank Drewes

Oral Session

Sun 21:20-21:40

Concreteness vs. Abstractness: A Selectional Preference Perspective

Tarun Tater, Diego Frassinelli, Sabine Schulte im Walde