The 2nd Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 12th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing

November 21-24, 2022

Online and NTUH International Convention Center , Taiwan

Program Overview

Below, all information on the program of AACL-IJCNLP 2022 are given that are available so far. More details to be announced.

Main Conference Schedule

Nov. 21-23 2022

Keynote Speakers

The following speakers have graciously accepted to give keynotes at AACL 2022. More details to be announced.

Eduard Hovy

Eduard Hovy received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from Yale University. He received the honorary doctorates from the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in Madrid, in 2013, and the University of Antwerp, in 2015. He is currently a Research Professor of the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the University of Melbourne. He is one of the original 17 Fellows of the Association for Computational Linguistics. He has published more than 500 research papers. His research focuses on various topics, including aspects of the computational semantics of human language. He is a Fellow of the AAAI. He serves or has served on the editorial boards of several journals, such as the ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing TALIP and Language Resources and Evaluation (LRE). (Based on document published on 16 July 2019).

Juanzi Li(李涓子)

Juanzi Li received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from Tsinghua University. Now, she is the professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the director of Knowledge Intelligence Research Center in Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Tsinghua University. She also serves as the director of Language and Knowledge Computing Committee at the Chinese Information Processing Society in China. Her research interests include knowledge graph and semantic computing, news and social network mining. She has published over 100 papers in top-tier international conferences/academic journals and two books, i.e., “Mining User Generated Content” and “Semantic Mining in Social Networks”, which attracted over 10,000 citations. She won the second prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020, the first prize of the Beijing Science and Technology Award in 2017 and the first prize of China Association of Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award in 2013.

Chris Callison-Burch

Dr. Chris Callison-Burch is an associate professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining Penn, he was a research faculty member at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University for 6 years. He served as the General Chair of the ACL 2017 conference, and the Program Co-Chair for the EMNLP 2015 conference. He was the Chair of the Executive Board of NAACL from 2011-2013, and the Secretary-Treasurer for SIGDAT from 2015-2017. He has served on the editorial boards of the journals Transactions of the ACL (TACL) and Computational Linguistics. Dr. Callison-Burch has more than 100 publications, which have been cited over 10,000 times. He is a Sloan Research Fellow, and has received faculty research awards from Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook in addition to funding from DARPA and the NSF. His research interests include natural language processing and crowdsourcing.

Tutorial Schedule

Nov. 24, 2022

  • Rong Xiang, Hanzhuo Tan, Jing Li, Mingyu Wan and Kam-Fai Wong. When Cantonese NLP Meets Pre-training: Progress and Challenges.

  • Ningyu Zhang, Tao Gui, Guoshun Nan. Efficient and Robust Knowledge Graph Construction.

  • Cheng-Han Chiang, Yung-Sung Chuang and Hung-yi Lee. Recent Advances in Pre-trained Language Models: Why Do They Work and How Do They Work.

  • Roberto Navigli, Edoardo Barba, Simone Conia and Rexhina Blloshmi. A Tour of Explicit Multilingual Semantics: Word Sense Disambiguation, Semantic Role Labeling and Semantic Parsing.

  • Yi R. Fung, Kung-Hsiang Huang, Preslav Nakov and Heng Ji. The Battlefront of Combating Misinformation and Coping with Media Bias.

  • Nikhil Krishnaswamy and James Pustejovsky. Grounding Meaning Representation for Situated Reasoning.

Workshops Schedule

Nov. 24, 2022